Are you GDPR Compliant?


Why GDPR? Why Now?

The ultimate aim of GDPR is for you, the consumer to ‘own’ your data. Social media companies have grown rich by allowing you to give up your data, your contacts, your preferences, then selling those details packaged nicely and neatly to marketing companies, who then pursue you to promote their products through advertising. They then have the temerity to charge these marketing companies for YOUR data, and keep the profits! Newsflash: it is YOUR data, not theirs! YOU own it. Or at least you will when GDPR fully takes hold…watch this space!



The European Union is very proactive in the sphere of Data Protection, perhaps because of Europe’s centrist social leanings. The USA on the other hand is mostly about cold hard cash, and for the USA the lure of marketing money usually trumps data protection concerns for individuals and business. GDPR crucially attempts to tip the scales in your favour, by stating that not only do EU businesses have to protect the consumers’ data, but any company doing business with the EU (including USA and UK companies) must also comply. We at MobileID are realists and we know that there are ‘get out’ clauses (which we will not share with you here as we are all about pushing forward your rights, not giving nefarious people bad ideas!) but the direction of travel is definitely towards you and against marketing companies, and we at MobileID fully support this. 

How do We protect You?


MobileID is dedicated to protecting you and your business. We were frankly sick and tired of hearing in business circles how marketing companies were devising ever new ways to grab your data and sell it on to others. We decided therefore to use our innovative technology for public good. Of course we are a business and we are here to thrive, which means being profitable and yes, making money. However we at MobileID believe we can both achieve success and protect you at the same time, and this is our philosophy and our mission. We are here for you, because without protecting you, we are nothing, and we want to be something! So join us, use our products, protect your business, your data, your privacy, and together let’s achieve ever greater success! 


I give my Consent…


 Data Protection has the goal of eventually putting you in total control of your data destiny. Okay, so now you have your data, what are you going to do with it? In two words: Consent Management. Imagine a world where the marketers (or the brands) instead of going to your preferred social media platform, seek you out directly, cutting out the middle man. Not only will this make the products you buy cheaper, advertisers will have to defer to you and actually ASK you before they can even send you an advert. Bliss! (SIDEBAR: where do you think social media companies’ profits come from? That’s right! From marketing companies who then pass those costs on to you, adding to the price you pay for the very goods you are being sold – with YOUR data! We almost admire their cheek!)

…now show me the money!


 In the future owning your own data will be a passport to your financial reward. Brands, services, marketers and even government will need your permission before they can contact you to offer you those latest sunglasses, that discounted holiday or to shift from one state provided service to another. Consent Management platforms (such as MobileID’s) will be crucial to making you richer. Imagine all your stored data, carefully broken up into bite-sized chunks and then sold, leased or licensed to the very brands and products you choose to buy! By YOU! That is the reality of tomorrow, and MobileID is your link to that bright future. For more information on how MobileID can help shape your brighter financial future, sign up for our newsletter. We promise we will only ever speak with you about you, and we will share our vision with you.

Let us show you how important Data Protection is for your business and how we can help! 

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